almond water

Delicious Almond Water Recipe | Indian Style

This almond water recipe holds a very special place as on the occasion of paryushan parv or any other fasting days we “Jains” used to only drink “this drink” and that too only once a day. That is why I thought this drink should exist on my blog. You can say this almond water recipe …

how to make khakhra

How to make Khakhra in the traditional way

Khakhra is a crusty and crispy Gujarati recipe rich in protein, vitamins, iron, and fiber. It has all the benefits of wheat and the best tea time snack. Various ways to prepare khakhra In a traditional way: Traditionally the khakhra’s are prepared just with whole wheat flour (ghehu ka aata), salt and water best served …

beetroot lip balm for pink lips
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How to make Beetroot Lip Balm at home

Are you tired of chemical-filled products that promise you the perfect, pink pout but failed to deliver results? Then you’ve come to the right place. This homemade beetroot lip balm formula is an inexpensive, super-effective DIY for pink lips.As the beetroot stains, everything it comes into contact with i.e hands, clothes or anything you eat. …

lemon rice recipe

How to Make Lemon Rice

For days when the question like “What to cook today?” disturbs you the most, the lemon rice is a perfect solution. This simple, flavorful and exotic recipe of lemon rice is prepared in a few minutes with just a few ingredients. Different veggies can be added to the same recipe as per your preference. A little …

quick biscuit cake recipe

Quick Biscuit Cake Recipe

Looking for a recipe to prepare soft and spongy cake in less than 15 minutes and that too with just 3 ingredients ? Then guess what you are at right place. This delicious heart shaped biscuit cake is prepared with just three ingredients i.e. Cream biscuits, Eno or fruit salt and milk. When the first …

Beetroot pasta

Best Ever Creamy, Healthy, and tasty Beetroot sauce for Pasta

On a hunt to get a perfect vegan and healthy pasta dish? Then guess what you are landed at the perfect place. This best ever creamy, healthy, and tasty beetroot sauce for pasta is a perfect blend of delicious red and thick and creamy white sauce. Came together in just 20 minutes and contains not …

Ajwain water
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How to make Ajwain Water and its Health Benefits

Ajwain seeds are considered good for natural digestion and are highly recommended by Ayurveda to persons who are suffering from gas or digestive problem. Mostly used to increase taste in Indian food also had numerous health benefits. Ajwain in English is called Carom seeds. My grandmom used to give me a mix of ajwain and …

spinach soup

Healthy Cream Of Spinach Soup | Indian Style

This spinach soup is great for winters to warm our body inside out and there isn’t a better way to add vitamin E, vitamin A, manganese, zinc, iron, and selenium in your diet other than consuming this delicious soup. It’s smooth, creamy, super fresh, and tasty. To make this Popeye spinach soup thicker I’ve added …

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Amarfal or Persimmon Fruit Review

So the winters are here and the best part of this season is that it brings a sheer variety of vegetables and fruit at the local market. Be it green veggies or citrus fruits, and the newest fruit that I come across this year is this fruit amarfal aka persimmons. I saw amarfal aka persimmons at my market for …

cow's image
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Situations when it is ethical to drink cow’s milk

Ever wondered what will happen to all those cows that people rose, feed and take care for milk? These cows will either be extinct from this earth or will be simply raised for their meat. I know cruelty that is being done against cows for milk business, isn’t justified at all. But there are certain situations in …