spinach soup

Spinach Soup

This spinach soup is great for winters to warm our body inside out and there isn’t a better way to add vitamin E, vitamin A, manganese, zinc, iron, and selenium in your diet other than consuming this delicious soup. It’s smooth, creamy, super fresh, and tasty. To make this Popeye spinach soup thicker I’ve added …

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Amarfal or Persimmon Fruit Review

So the winters are here and the best part of this season is that it brings a sheer variety of vegetables and fruit at the local market. Be it green veggies or citrus fruits, and the newest fruit that I come across this year is this fruit amarfal aka persimmons. I saw amarfal aka persimmons at my market for …

mini doughnuts

Cinnamon & Chocolate Beignet

Do you know that mini doughnuts also are known as beignets? Coffee goes best with these freshly fried beignets! If you’re looking for something unique to serve at a party, or to with your evening coffee then this is it. One batch of dough will make dozens of beignets. And these are cooked quickly in …

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why vegetarianism?

Situations when it is ethical to drink cow’s milk

Ever wondered what will happen to all those cows that people rose, feed and take care for milk? These cows will either be extinct from this earth or will be simply raised for their meat. I know cruelty that is being done against cows for milk business, isn’t justified at all. But there are certain situations in …

chakotra/ pomelo fruit

Spicy Chakotra/Pomelo Salad

Chakotra or Pomelo is the largest of the citrus fruits. It is sweet, sour and bitter all at once. There are two varieties of this fruit. One is white and another one is pink. The white one is sour and bitter while the pink one is sweeter. Besides many great things about this fruit i.e …

sunrise blossom

Sunrise Blossom Mocktail Recipe

  One thing I absolutely LOVE creating is beverages. So I thought I bring you all these delicious mocktails that you and your whole family and friends can enjoy. Sunrise blossom is a delicious drink which is tangy, sweet & creamy all at once. <3 I love it and that is why this is the …