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Amarfal or Persimmon Fruit Review

So the winters are here and the best part of this season is that it brings a sheer variety of vegetables and fruit at the local market. Be it green veggies or citrus fruits, and the newest fruit that I come across this year is this fruit amarfal aka persimmons. I saw amarfal aka persimmons at my market for …

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Situations when it is ethical to drink cow’s milk

Ever wondered what will happen to all those cows that people rose, feed and take care for milk? These cows will either be extinct from this earth or will be simply raised for their meat. I know cruelty that is being done against cows for milk business, isn’t justified at all. But there are certain situations in …

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Spicy Chakotra/Pomelo Salad

Chakotra or Pomelo is the largest of the citrus fruits. It is sweet, sour and bitter all at once. There are two varieties of this fruit. One is white and another one is pink. The white one is sour and bitter while the pink one is sweeter. Besides many great things about this fruit i.e …

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Sunrise Blossom Mocktail Recipe

One thing I absolutely LOVE creating is beverages. So I thought I should bring you all these delicious mocktails that you and your whole family and friends can enjoy. Sunrise blossom is a delicious drink which is tangy, sweet & creamy all at once. <3 I love it and that is why this is the …

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Mango Frooti Recipe | How to make mango drink

Love Frooti?  Then why not try making it at home. Last week I saw a video in which rotten mangoes are being used to make frooti & maaza in industries.  Homemade is always best <3 You don’t know what you are being served in packaged drinks and food. Apart from stuffing your body with harmful …

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How to make Orange Iced Tea Punch

On a hunt for cold, refreshing drink recipes for summers? This orange iced tea punch tastes amazing & is sure quench your thirst. This drink has a sweet citrusy flavour with just a hint of tea in the background. I’ve used Darjeeling tea leaves to prepare this drink. But actually white tea is best for …

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Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss Prevention and Regrowth

InstagramHairfall Sucks. We all had to deal with it at some point. Up till last year, hair fall was one of the biggest problems of my life. But not anymore… This magic potion or jadi buti powder recipe that I’m sharing with you guys will show its result within 3 days and is the best …