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Soft Til ke Laddu Recipe with Khoya

With just 3 ingredients required, that’s mawa, boora sugar and til(sesame seeds), these laddu taste so good :). This recipe is again from my grandma’s recipe box. She used to prepare these laddus, especially in winters as sesame seeds offer a variety of benefits. Sesame seeds are a source of copper, manganese, calcium, iron, phosphorus, …

Eggless chocolate cupcakes
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Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe with Vanilla Frosting

Hello, my chocolate obsessed friends I’m back with my eggless chocolate cupcakes recipe. These cupcakes are moist, spongy, chocolaty & super tasty. I bet that after one bite of these cupcakes you’ll be amazed that eggless cupcakes can also be so perfect. <3 It’s even better than any egg version of cupcakes. At least that’s …

Aloe Vera Health Benefits
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Aloe Vera for Face, Hair and Health

Aloe vera has a great number of benefits, and that’s why it is used in various beauty and healthy products. While we spent quite a bit on those expensive products, It’s better that we should grow aloe vera on our home. This plant is super easy to maintain, its various benefits and uses are shown …

Spinach sauce for pasta

How to make Creamy Spinach Sauce for Pasta | Alfredo Spinach

And “Winter is here”.. So I thought I should share a cosy dish!! And this savoury vegetarian recipe is perfect for those lazy winter evenings <3 It’s cheesy, creamy & has just the right touch of spices.. If you like pasta dishes then I would definitely recommend you to try this one out!! If you want …

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How to make Vietnamese Style Coffee without filter

Traditionally a caphephin is used to brew Vietnamese style coffee. The phin sits on top of a cup, there is a compartment that holds the coffee and hot water is poured in on top. Then the coffee drips slooowwly, one drip at a time, through a built-in filter, right into the cup. Patience is the …

oreo brownies recipe
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How to make Eggless Brownies |Oreo Brownies Recipe

“I Love Birthdays…” I know yeah what’s not to love??.. It’s the one day each year dedicated to pressing pause & asking yourself how you’re really doing… I turned 24 last week & I have this mixed feeling of growing old as I’m marching towards being at an age of proper adulthood, of getting wiser …