oreo brownies recipe
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How to make Eggless Brownies |Oreo Brownies Recipe

“I Love Birthdays…” I know yeah what’s not to love??.. It’s the one day each year dedicated to pressing pause & asking yourself how you’re really doing… I turned 24 last week & I have this mixed feeling of growing old as I’m marching towards being at an age of proper adulthood, of getting wiser …

rabri icecream
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Rabri Ice Cream Recipe | Pistachio Kulfi

When I think of this ice-cream plenty of childhood memories rewind through my mind. And one of my favourite memory of childhood is of my “grandma” “Amma” Yess!! She used to make this ice-cream every other day. All the leftover milk of our home back then was used in this rabri ice cream recipe and …

thandai syrup
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How to make Thandai Syrup at home | Thandai recipe

This is a traditional Indian thandai recipe. It is a very refreshing drink made with nuts and spices and has a cooling effect on the body hence the name “thandai”. In my family, everyone has a habit of having milk two times a day. One glass along with breakfast and another one at night. So …

how to eat amla fruit
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How to eat Amla fruit and its Health Benefits

No matter what we eat we should definitely try to balance our daily intake of vitamins, minerals & fats etc. Overdose or underdose of anything can be dangerous. So in between these tasty recipes, I’m going to share small “health hacks” & ways to subsume some super awesome superfoods into your daily habits 🙂 And today’s superfood is …