Sweet Potato (Shakarkandi) Chaat

Sweet potato has been named as one of the ‘World’s Healthiest Food”, as a single sweet potato contains 400% of your daily requirement of vitamin A, plus vitamin C and fibre as well.

This chaat is made up of just 4 ingredients. Previously I used to prepare sweet potato chaat by just steaming & peeling it. At the time of eating just add some lime juice & chaat masala.

You know what, Indian moms love desi ghee(clarified butter). They say that it’s very important for children and teens to have desi ghee (clarified butter) in their diet because it makes bones strong. And is very important.

Recently I went to one of my Aunt’s house & there I’ve come across this method of preparing sweet potato chaat, what she did was to fry that steamed sweet potatoes along with the generous amount of clarified butter (desi ghee). Yes!I repeat in clarified butter (desi ghee) fry those steamed potatoes. That’s where the taste comes from. Clarified butter (desi ghee) mix with sweet potato gives it such an amazing aroma and taste, that I bet you’ll never be able to forget.img_7767

Then serve these crispy potatoes with some lime juice & seasoning of your choice (salt, pepper, chilli powder). I prefer mine with some chaat masala! Yum 🙂

Ingredients Required:-

  1. Sweet potatoes (Shakarkandi) – 2
  2. Clarified butter (desi ghee) for frying – 4 tbsp
  3. Lemon juice – 1 tbsp
  4. Chaat masala – 2 pinch


  1. Either microwave the sweet potatoes (shakarkandi) for 7-8 minutes. Or steam them in a cooker by adding 1 cup of water & cook for up to 2 whistles or until cooked.
  2. Then peel those sweet potatoes (shakarkandi) & dice into small cubes.
  3. Then in a flat plan, fry dices of sweet potatoes by putting a generous amount of clarified butter (desi ghee) crisp & golden brown in colour.
  4. Squeeze some lemon juice & dash of your favourite chaat masala. Serve hot. 🙂 


  1. I fully agree about the generous use of desi ghee in our daily cooking. It is good for health and does wonders in losing weight too, my personal experience. The chaat looks yum, defines the winter season so well!

    1. Now you’re talking just like my mom😂 But I must say I had to agree with the fact that it’s very healthy, especially for kids. 🧡💛 thanks vidya😘

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