Who am I (II)..

In my last post of Who am I, I’ve written about us being “consciousness” or “soul” and how our body is just an instrument and we feel through it..

Its been 9 months, since I’ve posted “Who am I” and meanwhile I’ve deep contemplated on a more scientific way to look through it..

As you know that energy can neither be created, nor it can be destroyed..So knowing this fact, can’t we just relate this with our soul, with our self as well.. Our soul can be some sort of energy or in more proper words I can say this “I am some sort of energy”, my body is alive or I can feel alive when this energy is present inside any body & when it’s not “the body is considered dead”. But in actual we never dies, only this body does, that energy will flow around in universe until it acquire some another body, and then it’ll feel and experience through it. And this cycle goes on till forever..

Understanding this fact, it becomes easier for me to live in present moment.. Just experience what am I doing right now, and what’s going on.. 

Why to take our life too seriously, and why to over complicate things?? Running after people, things and these temporary feelings can only give us temporary happiness.. And once we’ve lost that thing we’ll again be sad, because no thing in this world is permanent. 

The only thing that is permanent, is our understanding. I am one on whom their no effect of this feeling, event, or any person.. Pain and pleasure, past and future all this is just an illusion, reality is I exist now..and that’s all that matters. 

“Nature of reality changes, the moment our state of mind changes..”


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