Pooja Jain

Hey there! I’m Pooja a just another “engineering” student, and this is my blog where I share my favourite recipes. I first started this blog after my graduation, when I’m figuring out what I wanted to do in life & cooking and creating new recipes became my stress buster and mood uplifter <3

Pooja Jain

I feel happiest when I create! later I found my calling by following my passion to cook & so I choose to pursue my passion. As I’m born and brought up in a north Indian Jain family so you’ll find 100 per cent of recipes posted here is vegetarian & there are many vegan-friendly recipes too. Most of my recipes are listed in series of easy to follow steps along with pictures.

This blogging journey of mine has also created photography bugs in me because I want to make my food picture look as good as it tastes. So currently also working on food photography front plus trying making the maximum number of recipes and sharing a healthier and tastier version of them with you guys!

My mother tongue is Hindi & English is the second language which I’m still learning. So please pardon my English. I hope you’ll not find it offensive if my vocabulary and grammar take a nose-dive here & there. But trust me my cooking is better than my English. So here’s my blog where I’m sharing my “forkful of happiness”. Because food is life<3

So Happy Cooking!!