beetroot lip balm for pink lips
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How to make Beetroot Lip Balm at home

Are you tired of chemical-filled products that promise you the perfect, pink pout but failed to deliver results? Then you’ve come to the right place. This homemade beetroot lip balm formula is an inexpensive, super-effective DIY for pink lips.
As the beetroot stains, everything it comes into contact with i.e hands, clothes or anything you eat. So it occurs every time in my mind when this gorgeous pink colour stains my hand why not to make a lip balm or lip stain out of it. Beetroot gives your lips a gorgeous pink tint and at the same time, clears up lip tan.

diy lip balm at home

Because you want pink lips, this lip balm is the cheapest and best solution of all. And the best part is that this homemade lip balm stays fresh for more than six months. Cool na!! šŸ™‚

Ingredients required to make Beetroot Lip Balm at home:

Ingredients required to make lip balm at home
  • Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) – 1/2 teaspoon
vaseline for making beetroot lip balm at home
  • Coconut Oil – 1/4 teaspoon
coconut oil for making lip balm
  • Shea Butter – 1/2 teaspoon (optional)
shea butter for making lip balm
  • Vitamin E capsules – 2
vitamin e for making lip balm at home
  • Beetroot Juice – 1/4 teaspoon
beetroot juice
  • Strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch or any other edible flavouring essence – 2 drops
butterscotch essence

Let’s see how to prepare Beetroot Lip Balm at home for pink lips:

  • Wash the beetroot with water and peel off its outer layer and grate half of the beetroot and squeeze the required amount of its juice.
lip balm for pink lips
  • Now combine the petroleum jelly, coconut oil, vitamin E capsule, shea butter, flavouring essence and beet juice in a small bowl and stir together with a spoon.
how to make beetroot lip balm
  • Heat the mixture in a double boiler over gas or in a microwave for a minute or until all the ingredients are melted and liquified.
making beetroot lip balm at home
  • Switch off the flame and stir in continuously the mixture until properly mixed.
making of beetroot lip balm
  • Beetroot juice will take time to mix well so be patient and keep on mixing regularly until the mixture starts to thickens.
prepared beetroot lip balm

Store in a clean container and use this for up to three months. To increase usage time store the prepared lip balm in refrigerator.

How does this Beetroot Lip Balm give pink lips:

Applying beetroot is one of the best inexpensive home remedies to get pink and plump lips naturally. The colour pigments present in beetroots such as betanin and vulgaxanthin acts as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which helps in lighting the dark pigmentation or discolouration of your lips while giving it a natural reddish pink color.

beetroot lip balm diy for pink lips

Applying this homemade lip balm will help in repairing chapped and dried lips as we’ve added vitamin E capsules in it. Vitamin E helps in keeping the lips hydrated and healthy.

This homemade lip balm also protects the lips from the damage caused by the sun as it contains coconut oil, which is a natural protectant. ļ»æ

Usage and Storage of DIY Beetroot lip balm:

To give your lips natural pink colour and a permanent one apply this homemade lip balm every night on your lips as a mask before going to bed after washing or scrubbing your lips well.

This DIY beetroot lip balm can be also used as a cheek tint. As this lip balm is completely natural and free from preservatives you can apply some on your cheeks to give a natural blush.

After preparing the lip balm transfer it immediately into a clean container to store it for future use. Here, I have used my mom’s old bindi container, you can also use an old lip balm case to store it.

Must remember that the container or jar that you are using has to be super cleaned and dried out.Ā  This lip balm can be store this in the refrigerator to make it last longer. It can be used for up to six months to one year if you lives in a cold climate. For hot and humid ares this lip balm can be used for up to three to four months.


  1. I love this! I will have to try this. I like how you put all natural ingredients to help with the moisture vitamin e is amazing especially this time of year.

    1. forkfulofhappiness says:

      Yes!! This will heal the chapped lips while giving the pretty pinkish color šŸ™‚

  2. I love this and the fact you can easily DIY. I’ll have to give it a try! Love the fact that is has a tint from the beet.

    1. forkfulofhappiness says:

      I’m glad you like it šŸ™‚

  3. Shannah says:

    Very interesting! Iā€™m always looking for healthier alternatives to beauty products and have read a lot about beets lately. Will have to try this out!

    1. forkfulofhappiness says:

      You are going to love it <3

  4. Chelsea says:

    I want to make this. I never thought of beetroot, but I think Iā€™d give a great natural color!

    1. forkfulofhappiness says:

      Yes, it gives that gorgeous pink color you always wanted <3

  5. Vitamin E, I remember Di always asks me to buy these capsules for her. I would let her know to try this too, though I suspect if she would not be “lazy enough” to try this out. ?
    Hope you’re doing good, Di! ?

    1. forkfulofhappiness says:

      Haha..Tell your di that this lip balm is ready in just five minutes, thereby any “lazy soul” can try it out. Even you can also prepare this one, it’s so damn simple!
      I’m great, hope you are doing good as well.

      1. I’m doing super awesome, thank you! šŸ™‚
        Sure, I bought the greenish vitamin E capsules, time to do some DIY, lol

  6. Ankitha says:

    Will definitely try this out!

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