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Mango Frooti Recipe | How to make mango drink

Love Frooti? 

Then why not try making it at home. Last week I saw a video in which rotten mangoes are being used to make frooti & maaza in industries. 

Homemade is always best <3 You don’t know what you are being served in packaged drinks and food. Apart from stuffing your body with harmful chemicals and preservatives, sometimes spoiled and rotten fruits & vegetables are being used by such industries. There is no guarantee of freshness so until and unless there is an emergency you should not consume such products.

homemade frooti

And when you can easily prepare this at home, that taste even better than packed ones, with just 3 ingredients required and without any chemical or preservatives, you don’t have to buy the highly priced mango drinks from shops anymore.

The ratio of ripe mango & raw mango should be 2:1 based on the size of the raw mango. Substitute for raw mango can also be used here in place of raw mango and that is citric acid. Citric acid can also act as a preservative in this drink and thus improve the shelf life of your mango frooti recipe.

Ingredients Required in Mango Frooti Recipe:-

1 cup=250ml

  1. Medium ripe mangoes – 2
  2. Medium raw mango – 1 or Citric acid – 1½ tsp
  3. Water – 4 cup
  4. Sugar – ½ cup to ¾ cup (adjust)

Let’s see how to prepare the Drink:-

  • Take chopped raw & ripe mangoes in a pressure cooker.
  • Add 2 cups of water. Put on the stove & cook up to 2 whistles.
  • Blend the cooked mangoes in a smooth puree.
  • In another container add 2 cups of water & sugar. Heat this until sugar is melted. We just want the sugar to melt. Turn off the flame. Cool it down.
  • Depend upon how sweet your mangoes are and how much sweet you want to make your frooti, add sugar and water mixture to the pureed mangoes.
  • Consistency, sweetness & sourness can be adjusted by adding more or less water, sugar syrup & citric acid.
  • If you are making this frooti without raw mango then add 1½ tsp citric acid after adding sugar syrup to it.

Once prepared, keep the mango frooti to chill for at least 3 hours. Refrigerate it & can be used up to 3-4 days. Serve it as a welcome drink 🙂 Bon appetite <3

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  1. this is wow 🙂

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    1. It is… A must try in mango season 🙂

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    Definitely need to try making this. For more healthy recipes, check out my blog!

  4. We have to cook mangoes, cant we take pulp and puree it .

    1. No, if you don’t cook mangoes then there will be difference in taste, you’ll not get that authentic mango frooti flavour.. And also the shelf life of your frooti will reduce from one week to just day.. And if you still want to try it out without cooking then you should, it’ll also taste good, then call it a refreshing mango juice 🙂

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      It is delicious. Do try this one.

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    I love anything with mango in it. This drink sounds so yummy and refreshing. Especially for the summer!

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      It’s delicious. A must try during mango season plus it’s so cheap to prepare. Saves tons of money as well as not at compromising on health factor.

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