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Mexican Style Pratha

Ingredients Required

  1. Wheat flour dough
  2. one grated capsicum
  3. one grated carrot
  4. half grated cabbage
  5. one or two onions (optional)
  6. salt
  7. black pepper 1 tsp
  8. oregano 1 tsp
  9. 5 to 6 tsp fresh cream
  10. cheese(slice or cube) processed
  11. tomato ketchup
  12. green chilli sauce
  13. oil

How to prepare-

  1. Drain water of vegetables after grating by folding in hand and then mix together.

    2. Add salt, oregano, black pepper and cream to this mixture and mix well.

    3. Now make two balls of some dough and roll it out in circular  shape with the help of rolling pin.


4. After rolling spread some tomato ketchup and green chilli ketchup on it.


  5. Now put our vegetable mixture over it and cheese slice and then cover it with other rolled                   chapati.

6. Pack the edges of covered chapati properly and then again roll it out with rolling pin.

7. Now in a pan fry this pratha in 2 to 3 tsp of oil on a medium flame for around two minutes               from both sides till golden brown.

8. Our pratha is ready to be served.

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