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Monaco Snack Bites

“All it takes is one song to bring back thousand memories…”

The same way all it takes “Monaco snack bites” to bring back thousand memories of my hostel life. Whenever I made these bites the first person that always come to my mind is Pragya (my best bud from good old days) . Because we’ve innovated these bites topping on our own from the available items of our hostel room and it turns out to be so good that we’ve become fan of these bites till then.

This was our favorite snack because when we feel exhausted after coming back from college all we want to have is some fresh, healthy, tangy & delicious snack that could be accompanied with our bottle of Icetea or Tang. And these bites were truly a savior back then.

  They look so appealing & are extremely light to eat. The best part of these bites is that they are so quickly made plus thousands of experiments can be done with their toppings.

Let’s get started with the making:-


  1. Monaco Biscuits (or any sweet and salty biscuits)
  2. Sandwich spread (Mayonnaise, cheese or butter will also go)
  3. Green chilli sauce
  4. Tomato sauce
  5. Peeled and sliced cucumber
  6. Aalo bhujiya (sev namkeen can also be used) 


  • Assemble a layer of biscuits over plate or tray.
  • Then spread a layer of sandwich spread with the help of butter knife or spoon over biscuits.
  • Now put diced cucumber over biscuits.
  • Its time for green chilli sauce to spread over the sliced cucumber.
  • Now a dollop of tomato sauce over green chilli sauce and spread it.
  • Its time to garnish!! 🙂 Garnish our lovely bites with Aalo bhujiya, or sev namkeen or any namkeen of  your choice..

Our lovely monaco bites are ready to dig in ^_^



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