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My Kashmir Trip | Travel Diary ’19

We went for our Kashmir Trip in the month of June and the weather in the month of June in Kashmir was just Perfect<3. Not very cold, and neither hot.

Dal lake kashmir

So this was my second trip to Kashmir and it is one such place which I would love to visit often. Even after the second trip, I realised there is so much more to explore. I am yet to experience its fall season when trees are covered with apples and orangish leaves of Chinar trees and Spring season when a million blossoms carpet the valley of Kashmir.

things to do in kashmir

In Kashmir, we first visited Sonamarg. It was one heck of a very beautiful place, we have experienced here nature beauty like nothing before. Snow-capped mountains were so beautiful here that cannot be described into words.

Meadow of Gold “Sonmarg

Sonmarg Kashmir

Mandir, masjid and church all three sacred places built at the same place. What if instead of fights and conflicts we witness such mesmerizing views more often. Wouldn’t be the world a better place then. Anyway, locals told us that it was made by Army man. Salute to them.

Unseen Kashmir

Coming back from Sonmarg to Srinagar, on our entire trip we enjoyed these fresh, and sweet cherries. The variety we enjoyed most is “misri cherry”. This particular variety of cherry is as sweet as sugar and heavenly delicious. “Fresh cheeze khane ka maza hi kuch aur hota hai”. The trees alongside the road are loaded with these cherries.

kashmir trip

Mini Switzerland of India “Pahalgam”

Next destination of ours was Pahalgam. Ahh, Pahalgam was fun and in true sense a scenic beauty. There is positive bright energy with which Pahalgam is surrounded.

Pahalgam Kashmir

Vast fields of saffron and apple orchards are what you’ll find most, on your way from Srinagar to Pahalgam. We purchased Kesar and dry fruits from shops at Pulwama. It is where most Kesar fields are around.

My dad purchasing Kesar and Dry Fruits from a local shop at Pulwama
Mini Apples yet to be grown fully.

In Pahalgam, we went to see “Betaab Valley”, so-called because movie Betaab has been shot here. Betaab valley has lush green gardens at the river bank surrounded by long coniferous trees.

Betaab Valley Kashmir

A visit to Betaab valley can give you the most Instagram worthy shots. Most visitors in this beautiful valley are local Kashmiri tourists.

Nature at its best!!

An adventurous pony ride is worth giving a shot if you want to experience the real beauty of Kashmir. These ponies or horses are experts in climbing the mountains.

pony ride pahalgam

The mountainous route we headed on these horses is so rocky, slippery and dangerous that forget the car, even for a man it’s difficult to climb it. Our destination from the pony ride to the top is Baisaran or “Mini Switzerland” is worth a ride.

Mini Switzerland Kashmir

These local kids we met on our way to mini Switzerland shown in the picture above. These kids carry baby goat and rent it to people for pictures. When I clicked them, the little boy above in the picture gets very excited and gave me a picture-perfect shot. 🙂 True innocence.

Paradise on Earth “Srinagar”

Dal lake Kashmir
A still from HouseBoat Dal Lake Kashmir

Then we head off to Srinagar. A stay in the royal boathouse in Dal Lake was in the to-do list of many Indian mid-age people. Thanks to our Bollywood Retro movies and Popular songs which captures the beauty of this beautiful lake. “Tareef karu kya uski jisne tumhe banaya”. 😉

Lake of flowers
Shikara Ride

Our trip to Kashmir would be incomplete without a Shikara ride and stay in the houseboat. Gliding your fingers through the chilled water of dal lake, while chit-chatting with family is a very soothing experience.

Floating market kashmir
A fruit vendor with his floating shop

The Floating garden, blooming full of lotus flowers and floating shops which sells various Kashmir specialities like shawls, carpets, wooden artefacts etc are right there in the floating market.

Chasme Shahi kashmir
A still from Chashme Shahi

Chasme Shahi is one of the Mughal gardens and the main attraction of this garden is a freshwater spring which flows through its centre. The water of the spring is believed to have some medicinal properties.

Pari mahal kashmir
Pari Mahal or “Palace of fairies” Kashmir

The two other picturesque places that I loved in Srinagar are Pari mahal and Nishant Bagh. Pari mahal is a seven terrace garden at the top of a mountain range overlooks the city of Srinagar and Dal lake.

Nishant Bagh is on the banks of Dal lake blooming with beautiful flowers and trees. This photogenic garden has a view of the magnificent Dal lake on the front and Zabarwan mountains at the backdrop.

Nishant garden Kashmir

Hope you liked the complication of photos and memories of my trip to Kashmir. About Kashmiri people, my experience was that I find them very Homely and Hospitable altogether making Kashmir a wonderful place and truly a “Heaven On Earth”.

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