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Thick Poha Chivda recipe

The main ingredients of this sweet, savoury & salty chivda are poha (thin flattened rice), dried coconut, peanuts, cashew nuts & raisins. Add some roasted gram dal if you like. 


This chivda holds special importance in our life during the month of Bhadon i.e., from mid-August to mid-September. Because in this particular month we particularly live on Satvik food, that means no onion, garlic & potato in food plus outside eatable is also omitted. Because it tastes so good, so yeah life saviour it is 🙂

I’ve been having this chivda since childhood & this recipe is so perfect that I don’t find any reason or need to change any of its ingredients.

It’s perfect the way it is 🙂

My mom used to make around 2-3 kg of chivda every season because it tastes so good that’s why it is always high on demand by our relatives. It’s loved by everyone in my family, so they expect a box of chivda every year this time.

The only challenge while preparing chivda is that you got to fry each ingredient individually. The best way would be to use the fine mesh sieve ladle (jali wali channi with handle) as this would make your work much easier.


My mom helped me in making the chivda while I was clicking 🙂


  1. Poha (flattened rice) – ½ kg
  2. Refined oil – for frying
  3. Peanuts with skin, raw and unsalted – 200 gm
  4. Cashew nuts (kaju) – 200 gm
  5. Raisins (kishmish) – 150 gm
  6. Grated dried coconut – ½ coconut
  7. Kadi patta (Cody leaves) (curry leaves) – 35 to 40 leaves
  8. Chopped green chilli – 100 gm
  9. Roasted gram dal (chane) – 100 gm (optional)
  10. Turmeric powder – 3 tsp
  11. Salt – 1½ table spoon (or as per taste)
  12. Powdered Sugar – 12 table spoon (or as per taste)
  13. Argol (tatri)(nimbu ka phool) powder – 5 gm


  1. Keep all the ingredients handy before you start frying. 
  2. Heat the deep vessel with oil. Once oil is hot place coconut on fine mesh sieve ladle (soup channi). Immerse them slowly and fry on slow flame until they appear crisp. 
  3. Alternatively, you could deep fry them without fine mesh sieve ladle. Remove from oil once they appear crisp. Preferably a fine mesh ladle would make your job much easier.
  4. After coconut fry peanuts, raisins, cashew nut, curry leaves, chillies and a half batch of poha in a similar way. 
  5. Put all the fried ingredients in another dish. Remember to fry poha at the end because at this step we are going to add turmeric powder over hot fried dry fruits and poha. 

    Remember poha should be hot to turmeric to be added
  6. Now fry the leftover batch of poha and add it over the previous batch.

    Now mix well 🙂
  7. Mix well and add powdered sugar and powdered argol (tatri). Again mix well and let the mixture get cool down.

Your crunchy, sweet and savoury chivda mixture is ready 🙂

Store in an airtight container. And enjoy it with your sham wali chai (evening tea) 🙂 


  1. Do not over fry dry fruits or poha or else you’ll burn them.
  2. Poha should be fried only for about 25-30 seconds. It will get double in size and its colour does not change.
  3. Always fill in the container when chivda got completely cooled.


  1. Perfect tea time snack this is !!

    1. oh yess!! 🙂 Must try, thank you!

  2. Looks yummy!

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