Best Ever Aam Panna Recipe

Aam Panna is a tangy raw mango drink which tastes ahhmaazing. This is a traditional Indian recipe made specially in summers has cooling effects on body.

raw mango drink

Many people don’t eat mango during summers because they have fear that a pimple might occur on their face when they eat them. You don’t have to fear that while having this drink because the preparation method i.e. the boiling step of raw mangoes with peel on will remove all the hot i.e. (garam tasir) or pimple causing capabilities of mango.

Health Benefits

As aam panna recipe contains unripe mangoes it is a good source of nutrition. It is rich in carbohydrates, Vitamins A, B1, B2, and C and also in minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and iron. All these minerals and nutrients make this aam panna an instant energy booster and protect from sunstroke.

aam panna

Aam Panna contains a nutrient called pectin which acts as the perfect solution for treating gastro-internals disorders. The presence of Beta-carotene and vitamin A acts in repairing damaged skin, bringing an extra glow to it.

How to prepare Aam Panna

The first step in mango panna recipe is to boil the raw mangoes, which can be done with or without the mango peel. Boiling with the mango peel on will remove the hotness of mangoes in water then discard it.

Raw mangoes

Boil for up to four whistles or around eight minutes in a pressure cooker and let the pressure release.

boiled raw mango

Upon cooling strain the water and take out the pulp from boiled seed and peel of mangoes.

aam panna recipe

Add water, sugar, roasted cumin powder, salt, black salt to the pulp and mix well. You can also use a hand blender to mix all the ingredients but it is advisable to mix it by using a spatula because the pulp that came in the drink by mixing manually the drink improves the taste exceptionally.

mango panna drink

You can skip the sugar in the drink and can add gud or jaggery instead to improve the health quality of aam panna recipe. Add minced mint or pudina leaves to the drink and serve chilled or add ice cubes while serving the drink. Enjoy!

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Best Ever Aam Panna Recipe
mango panna recipe
Cuisine beverage, indian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 8-10 minutes
Cuisine beverage, indian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 8-10 minutes
mango panna recipe
  1. In a pressure cooker put raw mango or kacchi aambi to boil up to four whistles.
  2. Strain the water. Upon cooling take out the flesh of cooked mangoes discarding the peels and seed.
  3. Now in the pulp of raw mango or kaccha aam add water.
  4. Add sugar, salt and black salt as per your taste to aam panna and mix well. You can skip adding sugar for health reasons if you want too.
  5. Mix well salt, sugar, water, and mango pulp. Add roasted cumin powder or bhuna jeera powder and minced mint or pudina leaves to this.
  6. Add ice cubes or refrigerate and serve chill in a hot summer day.
Recipe Notes

Nutritional Value of Aam Panna: (Per serving)

Calories: 179 kcal

Carbohydrate: 48g

Sodium : 26mg

Potassium: 235 mg

Vitamin C : 23%

Vitamin A : 8%

Iron: 10%

Drinking Aam Panna in large quantities may even lead to high blood sugar, diabetes, weight gain or even diarrhoea so keep in mind that moderation is the key for everything.



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