Pathar Bel ka Sharbat | Wood Apple Juice

Pathar bel fruit is commonly known as Wood apple in English. This golden fruit is highly nutritious as it is a rich source of vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. It takes around a year for a wood apple or bel pathar to fully ripen from green colour to yellow colour.

Unripen Wood apple
Unripen pathar bel fruit
Pathar bel fruit
Ripen Pathar Bel Fruit

The inside of this hard fruit is very soft and mushy and has a sweet, fruity aroma. The juice or sharbat prepared from this fruit is one of the best summer drinks available in the season because of the incredible medicinal health benefits of the fruit.

Health benefits of bel ka sharbat

This bel ka sharbat or wood apple juice is an excellent energy booster or summer cooler drink for summers as it cools you from inside and keeps your body temperature at bay. Prepare in advance and serve chilled when you or someone from your family comes home after scorching heat in summers.

bel ka sharbat

This juice is a powerhouse of nutrients like vitamins and minerals repairing your skin and numerous health issues. In ancient Ayurveda, this pathar bael fruit is used in healing issues like Tuberculosis, Infections, and Digestive problems.

bel fruit seeds and pulp

Application of leftover pulp of Bel or wood apple fruit after straining can be applied in the hair. It is one of the best natural Hair Conditioner, makes hair smooth, shiny and beautiful.

Preparation of Sharbat

The recipe I’ve shared here is very simple and made with just three ingredients i.e. sugar, water and pathar bel. The main trick while preparing the drink is to remove the seeds of the drink carefully. All seeds should be removed because even a single seed can make the drink bitter and inedible to drink.

bel pathar seeds
Bel pathar seeds to be removed to make sharbat

Add water, sugar and pulp of pathar bel into the bowl or jug and apply hand blender to it for about three to four minutes until you get a smooth consistency. Strain through a strainer or through a clean cloth, and serve the sharbat chilled with some ice cubes.

You can also give a try to Thandai recipe which is another very special Indian recipe you will relish in hot summers.

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Pathar Bel ka Sharbat | Wood Apple Juice Recipe
bel ka sharbat
Cuisine beverage
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cuisine beverage
Prep Time 15 minutes
bel ka sharbat
  1. Take one bel pathar or wood apple and break it into halves with the help of a pestle.
    bel pathar
  2. Now remove all the pulp from the bel pathar or wood apple as shown in the figure.
    pulp of bel pathar
  3. **Most important step** Remove all the seeds from the pulp of pathar bel or wood apple and keep it aside.
    seeds of bel pathar
  4. Make sure no seed left in the pulp. Add water and sugar as per taste in the pulp of pathar bel or wood apple.
    adding water and sugar
  5. With the help of hand blender or churner, blend well the pulp, water and sugar.
  6. Now strain the prepared juice through a strainer so that all the unwanted pulp can be removed from the juice.
    bel ka sharbat
  7. Now add ice cubes in the juice or sharbat and our bel ka sharbat is ready to be served.
    bel ka sharbat
Recipe Notes

Nutritional Value of Bel ka Sharbat: (Per Serving)

Energy: 165 kcal

Carbohydrate: 41.2 gm

Fat : 0

Calcium: 42 mg

Phosphorus: 25 mg

Iron: 1 mg




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