Spicy Chakotra/Pomelo Salad

Chakotra or Pomelo is the largest of the citrus fruits. It is sweet, sour and bitter all at once. There are two varieties of this fruit. One is white and another one is pink. The white one is sour and bitter while the pink one is sweeter.

Besides many great things about this fruit i.e low in calories, rich in vitamin C, known to reduce body fat & regulating blood pressure its salad is very refreshing and delicious.

Chakotra/ pomelo fruit

I love chakotra/pomelo , & I got introduced to this chakotra fruit by my nani (grandma). At her home, she has this chakotra tree and the season I visit my nani home is the season when chakotra starts to ripen on trees after waiting patiently for a year.

Chakotra/pomelo fruit

Before I used to eat this fruit by just peeling of the skin and then by hand but later my bestie “Kashika” introduced me to this new way of eating this delicious citrus fruit.

She made an extremely delicious salad of this fruit and that enhance the taste of this fruit to the power of 4.

One special ingredient that she added which I loved the most about this is green chilli. What are you insane? You are adding chilli in a citrusy fruit?? Yes, I know guys my first thoughts before tasting it was same. But trust me it turns out so good, that I’ve never skipped this ingredient again before having chakotra/pomelo.

Let’s have a look at how on how to prepare this salad.

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How to eat chakotra/pomelo fruit
chakotra/ pomelo fruit
Prep Time 5
Prep Time 5
chakotra/ pomelo fruit
  1. Peel the green portion and take out the pink portion out of the fruit separately.
  2. Now add crushed green chilli, tagar/ boora sugar, black salt, oil and crushed mint leaves into the chakotra.
    ingredients for chakotra chaat
  3. Mix well and serve immediately.
    chakotra/pomelo chaat
  4. Bon Appetit 🙂

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