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why vegetarianism?

Situations when it is ethical to drink cow’s milk

Ever wondered what will happen to all those cows that people rose, feed and take care for milk?

These cows will either be extinct from this earth or will be simply raised for their meat. I know cruelty that is being done against cows for milk businessisn’t justified at all. But there are certain situations in which humanly raised milk is possible. A cow gives around 3-4 gallons of milk each day. And for a calf, it is more than enough to consume 2 gallons of milk initially up to two months and after that slowly reduces it to one gallon a day as calf starts eating grass and other grains as well.

The cow is a pet animal and they lived along with humans from more than 4000 years. They have human-like emotions and enjoy the company of human as well. In rural India, it’s a tradition to keep a cow as a pet in the home as it is likely to bring positive vibes at home and is very productive. Because its milk can be used in drinking and dung can be used as a fuel. If you feed good amount and quality of food to cows then it’ll produce a good amount of milk as well.

• For that, you can have a cow on your own. If you have some open place at your home or nearby “Adopt a cow“. You have to feed her twice a day and clean once or twice as per your feasibility.

Or you can hire a man who’ll take care of your cow i.e. feeding and cleaning work you’ll pay him or her and instead you get, pure humanly raised milk.

• And the third case scenario maybe you can take milk from those people who do the same thing i.e. selling humanly raised milk. You know especially in India people love cow as they considered them as mother and some people like it a lot to live among and take care of them.

• And most importantly, our foremost responsibility is towards those cows that have stopped giving milk. You should take care of them in the same manner, you are taking care of milk giving cows. Sending those cows or their male calves to slaughterhouses is the most horrible thing you can do to them. “All living beings deserve a natural human death.” Isn’t it?

• Cleanliness is the other important factor that you should consider in your mind when taking care of any cattle. Cows like to live in clean dry areas, and unhygienic conditions around them can increase the risk of various diseases. Keep the area where cows live and their yards free of wet and mud so as to prevent the spread of infection.

In India cow is considered as a second mother and people worship them it’s in our tradition, then how come some people in India turned so cruel to them. You should keep alive your humane values. And do not forget your moral values towards these mute animals, and then only you deserve enough to drink our precious cow’s milk.

Do you agree or disagree? Would like to hear your thoughts on this.

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