Veg Green dimsum

Dimsum in Chinese means “touch the heart” & it is also a chinese dish of small steamed or fried savory dumplings containing various fillings, served as a snack or main course.


Momo is the tibetian name for the same dish known as dimsum in china. Here in India these momos become so famous that these been served in almost every corner of the country from past few years.

And as we had just celebrated our Earth’s day so #GoGreen is my current everything obsession 😀 .Here I tried to make green dumplings & they turn out to be amazing 🙂

 I’ve paired my beautiful dimsums with hot & soupy wai-wai noodles & guess what this combo tastes amazing ^_^ You can totally skip this step if you want to and instead eat it with spicy red chilli garlic sauce. Do you know that authentic dimsums or wontons are eaten with soup or noodle soup. And luckily I’ve found this fusion of soup & noodles in wai wai which totally goes well with my dimsums. 

You can prepare these super delicious dimsums in your own kitchen by following this simple & easy recipe.

Ingredients :-

1. Onion    – 1

2. Cabbage – 1.5 cup

3. Soya granules – 1 cup (1.5 cup after soaked)

4. Pepper powder -1 tsp

5. Garam masala powder – 1 tsp

6. Salt – to taste

7. Soya sauce – 1 tbsp

8. Ginger garlic paste – 1 tsp

9. Vegetable oil – 3 tbsp

10. All purpose flour- 2 cup

11. 2 or 3 drops of green food colour in half cup of water

12. 1 pack of wai wai noodles


1. Take flour to knead soft dough with coloured water. 


2. Soak soya granules in water for around 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Chop vegetables very minutely.

4. Put oil in the pan and fry soaked soya granules for around 5 to 7 minutes till its completely cooked. 

5. Then add chopped vegetables to it and fry for around 2 to 3 minutes. Only shallow frying of vegetables is required and soya granules should be fried properly. Do not overcook vegetables otherwise that taste and crunchiness of filling will get lost.

6. Now add ginger garlic paste, salt, pepper, garam masala, soya sauce and mix properly. Our filling is ready.

7. Take one portion of dough & roll it using the rolling pin into a circle of 3-4 inch diameter. Put 2 tbsp of filling in the center.

8. Start folding and forming the pleats one by one. Join the pleats in the center. Different shapes can be made of these dumplings.

9. Now steam the momos in a momo steamer or idli maker or kadhai whatever is suitable for you. I made mine in an idlimaker. 

10. Put around 2 cups of water in container such that dimsums do not dip in water. Grease container with oil before steaming dimsums. Steam for around 7 to 10 minutes. And our dimsums are ready to be served.

11. Meanwhile prepare one packet of soupy wai wai noodles and serve it with hot steamed momos.IMG_7504


  1. Loved your blog.Awesome recipes.Superb !!

    1. I’m glad you liked it..Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    superb recipies

  3. Very nice, green color momos?

    1. Thank you 🙂

  4. With thanks! Valuable information!

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