Self Enquiry

Who am I??

Who am I ? Just the speck of dust in this entire universe??

I am nothing and yet I am everything.. Or I can say that I am in everything. Because I am the one who is seeing this nature, its creations, anything and everything. Without me, nothing and no one is there. If I (the viewer) doesn’t exist, then it’s not wrong to say that this universe doesn’t exist!! This universe exists only because I am feeling and seeing it..

Since past few days whenever I feel restless I used to watch ISS live video stream of earth from space like for hours.. It feels like doing meditation while watching this video. It makes me feel alive, It tells me where I belong and that my problems are nothing as compare to this entire universe.

We’ve complicated our life so much, that we even tend to forget who we really are, and what our real aim was. Don’t you think that we are just lost in a self-created problematic world!!

The real aim is to know our self.. Who am I?? The deepest, the simplest and the most important question to be answered in this short span of life.

To attain salvation (moksh, mukti) we need to understand that I am the witness of this nature (The one who watches everything being unbiased). This is only the true essence of meditation. In meditation we don’t need to do anything, we just have to look everything the way it is in actual without any preconceived notion. No expectations, no desires, no thoughts. Just looking at this world the way it is in actual.

I am just a feeler, who feels whatever is happening through eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin. These five senses are the medium or we can say that the body is the medium through which we feels the world. And I (the feeler) is the soul. If I (the feeler) enters in water then I will feel through water, if I enters in tree then I’ll feel through tree, if enters in dust like particle then I’ll feel through it, if enters in any bird or animal then I’ll feel through them. Basic nature of feeler or viewer remains the same i.e “to learn”. The cycle of death and birth goes on but this Soul (the feeler) never dies.






  1. This universe exists only because I am feeling and seeing it..
    That’s so true!
    Great post… ?

    1. Thanks much!! 🙂

  2. Sooraj says:

    Nicely written!

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